International IT Forum 2019

Digital future

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of the President of Ukraine
September 27, 2019
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Key exhibitors

Selfie 360
In a few seconds you will be able to create your own Slow Motion 360 video clip, which will definitely attract attention on social networks! With the help of a dedicated automated platform, 360 flyby slow motion camera and software, you will be in the center of the event and in a minute you will be able to share the finished video on social networks. Try it at International IT Forum 2019!
OССO Robot Photographer
A true technological marvel, everyone who interacts with it immediately realizes that the device has a real mind. This is a unique development because it can recognize the faces of visitors and capture them in motion only with the rotation of their photo heads. The OССO robot takes a photo of a professional photographer, and instantly prints and sends you photos to social networks or e-mail.
IT Forum Delfast electric bikes, Ukraine IT Forum
The electric bike that entered the Guinness Book of Records. Bike can drive 367 km оn single charge. These bikes are used all over the world – from the USA to Japan
IT Forum Meredot, Ukraine IT Forum
Meredot develops wireless chargers that are not inferior to wired. Due to the magnetic field of the next generation, chargers can transmit from 0.1 to 11 kW and operate at a distance of 30 cm. Wireless technologies can be used in everyday life as well as for household appliances and for electric vehicles and robots.
IT Forum Selfie-Robot IT Forum
Just selfie you are unlikely to surprise anyone, but selfie made robot is not in the list at all. Selfie-Robot will meet you at the International IT Forum, hug, dance and talk with you on various topics.
IT Forum Promobot v.4 IT Forum
Promobot v.4 exactly recognizes all who were on the past forum, because it recognizes people. He also says compliments, jokes and poses for your photos.
IT Forum EyeDetect, Ukraine IT Forum
EyeDetect is a high-precision lie detector that detects cheating through the eyes. Lie detection mechanism is simple, fast and non-contact. EyeDetect is used to screen job applicants, employees, parolees, and immigrants as well as law enforcement and public safety personnel to protect against corruption and crime.
IT Forum ADVIN, Ukraine IT Forum
ADVIN - is an expert in marketing of emotions. The world of augmented reality, unusual emotions and crazy surprise. Virtual walks - it's real. At the Forum you will be able to visit Van Gogh's room, take a walk with a 3D character, make a photo or video with him. Everything is simple- a ticket to International IT Forum is your permission ticket to the virtual world.
IT Forum INFOCOM Ltd, Zaporizhzhia IT Forum
Zaporizhzhia company which innovative developments are known not only in the region and in Ukraine, but also in the world. INFOCOM Ltd develops modern solutions for automation of industry and business, which allows owners easily manage complex processes and reduce the time for production. Engineers of the company are working on technologies of unmanned control, alternative kinds of energy, and also on the visualization of technological processes.
Programmable mittens - Smart Glove
INFOCOM Ltd, Zaporizhzhia
This is alternative to the usual joystick but with advanced possibikities. Programmable mittens can operate by hoisting gears, large trucks, maneuvered by rail. Smart Glove enables gestures to remotely control technical processes or complex mechanisms.
IT Forum Camel bag - tactical backpack IT Forum
INFOCOM Ltd, Zaporizhzhia
Backpack with solar panels. Developing suitable for groups of special purpose, professional military and fishermen, hunters, tourists – for everybody who haven`t access to electricity, but there is a need to regularly charge the mobile phone, tablet or other gadgets.
IT Forum Robot Guide IT Forum
INFOCOM Ltd, Zaporizhzhia
The Robot Guide is a robotic remote presence system that can "teleport" you to a remote location, allowing you to navigate and communicate with people. It is easy to operate and equipped with a large screen for visual communication.
IT Forum Stations for electric vehicles IT Forum
INFOCOM Ltd, Zaporizhzhia
Electric stations that are designed and manufactured in Zaporizhzhia. This electric stations are easy to use and manage from your smartphone. You can be convinced by testing the system at the International ITF. You can install such a electric station in your garage, at work or near the office.
IT Forum Robotized battle platform “Laska 2.0” IT Forum
INFOCOM Ltd, Zaporizhzhia
Unmanned Platform Laska 2.0 is a mobile multifunctional fire support and intelligence battalion. Unmanned Laska 2.0 was developed and assembled by the engineers of Infocom LTD. The robotized platform is managed remotely using a computer, tablet or smartphone, and even by gestures. A fast and maneuverable platform can develop speeds up to 80 km per hour.
IT Forum Race Car «Formula Student KPI» of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute IT Forum
Рroject «Formula Student KPI» is a student workshop for racing race cars. Students of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute reproduce the true process of car creation, design, manufacture and test their car prototypes. The project has been founded in 2014, and since that time 5 race cars that meet the standards of Formula SAE international competitions have been manufactured.
IT Forum Project “G-MAK” IT Forum
A portable guardian of your apartment, house, cottage or warehouse. Holds the attacker until the security service arrives. In the arsenal of this small defensive complex: tear gas tear system; irritating beeps, each with a volume greater than 126 dB; super power LED flash. The G-MAK system is equipped with a motion sensor system that cuts off false alarms, and clearly recognizes the intruder, thanks to intelligent motion processing algorithms.
IT Forum LLC «SolarGaps» IT Forum
The company that developed the world's first intelligent sun blinds. Now, at home or in the office, you can place blinds that automatically adjust to your daily habits, control the light, maintain the desired temperature. SolarGaps is a combination of property shading and power generation, making it possible to become independent of external grids and save on utilities. Smart Blinds are precisely enhancing quality of life and comfort, are easy to maintain and easy to operate via a smartphone.
IT Forum Non-governmental organization “Association Noosphere” IT Forum
The organization that brings together scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs and volunteers to implement science and technology in the global business environment. One of the organization's initiatives is Demi-Park - an app for Gagarin Park in the Dnipro, where you can take a stroll through it and immerse yourself in the cosmic sights of the city, present and past. The organization has developed WheelKeeer - a bicycle complex that performs the function of an alarm and a GPS tracker.
Open Data Lab
OpenDataLab is a modern Ukrainian IT company that uses open data to make society better. The team has developed the first service in Ukraine to inform residents of shutdowns of city communications - City-bot Nazar, he knows why there is no tap in the tap or when they turn on the light. Another useful initiative is Medbot Marta, who talks about medical reform, takes care of the health of Ukrainians.
IT Forum LLC DefC IT Forum
A company that produces unmanned aerial vehicles and services based on them. DefC aircraft can used in the military field for aerial reconnaissance, detecting and coordinating combat equipment, deploying troops and in the industry for patrolling selected areas of the territory, detecting fires of natural disasters and emergencies, external inspection of long passages (detours, oil and gas pipelines, transmission lines). The feature of the device is the Ovserver-S, which is able to perform automatic flight on a given route, which can be changed in real time, and to broadcast all the information about the course of the flight. The Ovserver-S flies 200 km, with a video range of 30 km and an optical magnification of up to 20X.
IT Forum Citrus Academy IT Forum
Place where modern people meet their future. You can get innovative knowledge here and transform it into your hobbies or even to the work of your life. Try yourself as a blogger, drone piloting and aerobatics, driving electrical transport, professional photography, video shooting and even creating your own robots - all this will become a reality at International IT Forum 2019.
IT Forum Trinity F9, SmartDrones IT Forum
Automatic running, controllable up to 2000 m, covers 2000 ha in one take-off - this is all Trinity F9. This is the next step in the development of unmanned aerial vehicles, its feature is vertical takeoff and landing.
Matrice 200, SmartDrones
The drone that is not afraid of wind, rain, snow or frost. It is able to work in any weather. You can use it to check power lines, or find a lost person during a rescue mission. The Matrice 200 intensifies the testing of windmills, bridges and complex structures.
IT Forum ABRIS DG FLIRT Cetus, SmartDrones IT Forum
The drone is designed for high-precision aerial photography over large areas. Due to the high battery capacity, this model has a long flight time. This makes it possible to get orthophotos in different spectra in one flight at a time in one flight. The onboard camera and the high-precision GNSS system provide high precision snapping of orthophotos without extra time-consuming work on the ground. FLIRT Cetus is indispensable for the tasks of rapid mapping and field measurement and comprehensive crop monitoring over large areas.
IT Forum DroneePLANE, SmartDrones IT Forum
All you have to do: choose the territory you want to explore, everything else DroneePLANE will do. Automatic mode of work that can be controlled using the mobile application. DroneePLANE is used to monitor the condition of sowing in the field, for professional surveying and cartography, to inspect various objects and to detect damage.
IT Forum MegaDrone VTOl HAWK, SmartDrones IT Forum
This is a drone that does not need a runway, only 2x2 meters is sufficient for takeoff and landing. You can control up to 40 km and flight speed 90 km / h. The drone is universal for the agricultural sector, because it can be used to make a trichogram, to measure fields and analyze the condition of crops.
IT Forum TechNovator IT Forum
A technovator is a wireless transfer of energy from the station to the ХE case (a special charging case) for charging gadgets. Energy transfer is carried out at distances of up to 5 meters. The charging station automatically starts charging the phone as soon as it detects a body within its range. The charge base transmits electromagnetic waves to the receiver in the housing that charges the phone battery.
IT Forum DozoR City IT Forum
DozoR City is a simple and free mobile application which works in 23 cities of Ukraine. It allows each city dweller to go online and trace the location and actual time of arrival of all means of transport at all stops of the city. DozoR also means intellectual and esthetic stops of public transport with the panel indicating the presumed time of arrival of transport. The panels are equipped with free wi-fi, a surveillance camera, an alarm button and a charger for mobile phones.
IT Forum ZIR IT Forum
This is an art studio that is creating a new trend in modern art, combining IT-technology and art. The studio has a digital gallery of more than 30 pictures created using augmented reality. At the forum you will have an opportunity to visit a real exhibition of world art paintings created using augmented reality technologies.
IT Forum Poligon Center IT Forum
Poligon Center is a training center specializing on such spheres as 3D, IT, Design and SMM. This is a location where you will try to make your dreams come true, to try your hand at 3D printing for the first time, to plunge into the digital world using VR-glasses or to become a student of Poligon Center.

About the event

International IT Forum 2019 is a national event of international scale for

Small businesses
who are willing to learn about successful cases of development and scaling in a digital epoch
Medium and big businesses
in different spheres of economy who understand the value of world trends of digitalizing business processes
Companies working in the sphere of innovations and information technologies
IT-specialists, freelancers and developers who appreciate the uniqueness of content
Proactive citizens
who are eager to spend their time productively, keep up with the times, strive for comfort and convenience in their everyday life
12 000
speakers of international and national level
practical cases


The Organizer of the International IT Forum 2018 is Global Genesis Group of Companies, established in 2017 by Artur Garslyan. Its activity is focused on developing the business environment of the region, stimulating small and medium enterprises, investing in innovative projects and on forming an alternative image of the city of Zaporizhzhia which is not connected with industry but the image which is based on disclosing the potential in the sphere of information technologies and innovations.

The activity of Global Genesis is going beyond the limits of the stereotypical, challenging the mundane, showing that the limits exist only in our minds.

The most massive exposition zone of innovations and information technologies in the South-Eastern region presenting the most recent megatrends which determine the digital future of the world
Exposition Zone of International IT Forum means more than 2000 m2 with exhibited items, the majority of which is presented in Ukraine for the first time.
Digital future does not mean only electronic catalogues, electronic services and electronic voting. It means comfort, convenience and availability of innovations in our everyday life.

Digital for everyone

Latest digital development
Participants in Hannover Messe 2019
Smart City Comfort Technologies

World Digital Trends

VR and AR
Soft solutions for business
3D Printers
Artificial Intellect
Innovative Developments

Digital for business

3 000
thematic sections in the work of the location
real practices of public-private partnership in the sphere of digitalization
motivating experience for businesses

Official VIP Zone

Comfortable zone for exclusive networking with speakers, representatives of international projects, programs, donors, businesses, state and municipal institutes.
The area for setting up public-private partnership, establishing international relations, presenting the potential of your business and innovative developments to interested parties.

Press zone

Be the first to inform about the world trends of digital future!
At International IT Forum 2019 you will find out about the experience of introducing innovations into everyday life of the country firsthand. Our team has prepared for you the zone to hold a press conference and conduct interviews with speakers, representatives of official delegations and invited public officials.
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Thank you for your interest in the International IT Forum!
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