IT Forum 2018 — Простір інновацій та можливостей | International IT Forum 2019


The Organizer of the International IT Forum 2018 is Global Genesis Group of Companies, established in 2017 by Artur Garslyan. At present time Global Genesis consolidates 9 businesses which are based on understanding the value of innovative technologies in creating products.

The basic principle of Global Genesis is ‘Limits are only in your mind, and this means that our opportunities and perspectives are mostly limited not by external circumstances but by the fact that we ourselves do not believe in us and our forces.

The idea to organize the International IT Forum arose from our team’s aspiration to make our own contribution to the creation of a proactive community of businessmen, startuppers and real specialists in their own areas in the native city. For us it is important not only to build up a business, but also to develop the region and to inform the broad public about innovations, to create a new style of thinking and a desire to act here and now.

visitors during one day
leading speakers
from 12 countries
on 3 stages
2000 м²
the biggest exhibition area with innovative developments, robotics and digital novelties
International IT Forum 2019 is one of the main events of Ukraine, a national event of the international scale with the largest platform of digital technologies and the introduction of innovative ideas for business, city and everyday life. For an active community of small, medium and large businesses, for local authorities and proactive inhabitants.